We Make Video Easy

Our goal is to become your go-to video partner by providing professional quality video infinitely better than you can do yourself and easier than you thought possible. Once you have a library of footage, it’s easy and efficient to re-use and combine to create new segments that deliver great returns on your investment.


ClearRiver Video Process

Video Production Process - Consulting


We start by discussing your thoughts and helping you evaluate your options for the most effective ways to use video. Once we have a clear picture of your goals and expectations, we’ll provide a strategy and a proposal. There is no obligation to explore, so take advantage of some free advice and ideas from our video experts.


When your proposal is approved, your producer will work through your project plan with you, providing script, storyboard and shot list for your approval prior to shooting. They’ll coordinate the shoot schedule and all the necessary details with your production team. With three videographers and a full time scheduler, arranging shoot times is flexible and convenient for you.

Video Production Process - Scheduling
Video Production Process - Filming


With a pre-planned shot list in-hand, your ClearRiver production team will capture the footage and interviews according to plan, with as much or as little of your oversight as you wish. We routinely schedule multiple shoots over a period of time to capture the whole story.

Post Production

When filming is complete, we’ll put together a rough cut of your video for your review and approval. We’ll send a private link that you can route to your team. Your producer will work with you to coordinate any changes or improvements you would like to make. We’ll edit as needed, color correct and smooth out transitions and your video is ready for distribution.

Video Production Process - Editing
Video Production Process

 Easy Delivery

When your video is complete, we’ll send you a link to download your finished video in any format you need. Our standard delivery method is via download, but disks are available upon request.