Next-Level Website Solutions

We want to earn your website development business by helping you achieve success online. We've got exceptional designers and content creators on-staff, but what drives our website business are savvy marketers and developers that understand the technical side, and can help you reach new heights with your marketing and business operations.

Increase online sales by improving Google Adwords strategy and placement

440% ROI

As a Google AdWords Certified Partner, ClearRiver can help you improve the effectiveness of your online ad campaigns like we did for Serv-A-Pure, a Bay City, Michigan-based supplier of water filtration systems. We tested new methods and strategies to determine the most profitable keywords and placements, then tracked results to find the sweet spot that delivered the best ROI. 

As a result, Serv-A-Pure achieves a 440% return on every dollar spent on their online campaign, increased sales by an average of 130 orders per month, and delivered more than 2 million impressions featuring high-quality product photos. 

Recapture lost sales with 
abandoned cart recovery system

+ $20,000

We know Magento, and how to help you maximize your online sales. By implementing an abandoned cart recovery program, we've helped Michigan-based Magline, Inc. add a nifty $20,000 to their bottom line so far. That's an impressive 15% of otherwise abandoned carts leading directly to sales. We'd be happy to talk to you about selling online, or improving your performance with Magento or whatever e-commerce system you're using.

Build-a-Boxer feature generates sales leads for equipment manufacturer

$3.8 Million in Qualified Sales Leads

With over a hundred attachments, the possibilities are endless for Boxer Equipment, a mini-skid steer manufacturer in Winn, Michigan. Potential customers spend hours on the Boxer site exploring attachment options and checking prices. Boxer learns about customer preferences, and feeds thousands of bid requests into their dealer network, along with capturing valuable purchase intent information to their CRM. Browsers spend three times more time on the builder page than all other pages. ClearRiver can help you with insights about your website and customer behavior.